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These are hot topics among the aging  population and for their caretakers.  Physical Activity is the elixir
of life and vitality as one in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year.
You can become a member of Stay Fit Seniors and Baby 
Boomers, in one of two ways. 
  1. You can buy the entire program consisting of Physical Activity programs and the Fall risk Assessment program together. This way you will have a wellness program, for Seniors, Baby boomers, diabetics and a woman only program, along with a Fall risk assessment program . Combined you ​will ​have an​ assessment and​ intervention ​program ​along with your chiropractic care.
  2. You can purchase  the Fall Risk Assessment Program “separately “and provide your own physical activity intervention, along with chiropractic care. We are a certified distributor for BTrackS Fall Risk Assessment Balance Plate. See our Fall Risk Assessment page.

Stay Fit Seniors and Baby Boomers is a 30 minute circuit training program specifically designed for older adults.  In as little as 270 to 300 sq/ft you can provide exercise to the fastest growing population in America, attract more new patients and receive payments for usage from  Stay Fit Seniors Inc,  from  SilverSneakers,  Silver & Fit, Optum Fitness and even AARP networks, along with your private pay fees.

STAY FIT SENIORS and it’s Programs are in direct line with Lifestyle Heath Care.  Act NOW, to see if your office can qualify as a STAY FIT SENIORS & Baby Boomers Network destination. click here to “contact us and fill out a STAY FIT SENIORS Network Qualifying Questionnaire.

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