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The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) advocates for physicians, health care professionals and organizations to promote healthy lifestyles, and to address the causes of disease as the primary therapeutic tool for delivering quality health care services

The world is experiencing an epidemic of self-inflicted disease. Scientific evidence shows that lifestyle, not genes, is the primary determinant of health or disease. Our lifestyle choices can cause physical, mental and economic suffering. Unfortunately, our existing healthcare system emphasizes pills and procedures – which have many side effects – as the solution to manage consequences of destructive lifestyles. The current approach may simply treat the symptoms, while leading to poor outcomes and high healthcare costs. Rather, we must address and correct the cause – not ignore it. Our nation can no longer afford to continue in our current rate of disease and costs.

Offering  lifestyle approaches will lower the financial burden on the nation and provide patients with an alternative to prescription and over the counter medications.

STAY FIT SENIORS and it’s Programs are in direct line with Lifestyle Heath Care. Once approved be prepared for medical doctors to send their patients and eligible’s to your office to participate in their customized Physical Activity Program. Act NOW, to see if your office can qualify as a STAY FIT SENIORS & Baby Boomers Network destination. click here to “contact us and fill out a STAY FIT SENIORS Network Qualifying Questionnaire.

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