Stay Fit Seniors & Baby Boomers

The Stay Fit Circuit is a Wellness Physical Activity Program for different age bands such as seniors, boomers, unconditioned adults, women-only, along with specific conditions like obesity and disease states, such as diabetes and heart disease. The Stay Fit SeniorsĀ® older adult wellness physical activity intervention program has proven improvement of health, for over 13 years in clinical settings. The Stay Fit Circuit Program success formula integrates the activities of physical strength exercise, with mind and cardio movement exercise, and social interaction. As an all-in-one wellness physical activity program solution, the Stay Fit Circuit Program addresses the primary preventive concerns of strength, cardiovascular, and cognitive decline while maintaining high rates of participation from social interaction. Originally designed as an co-ed Older Adult and Senior 30 minute wellness physical activity program, this same format has demonstrated that as a program for women-only, enrollment and participation rates have been exceedingly high as a safe and effective program in women-only too.

Seniors, Baby boomers, unconditioned adults, along with specific conditions like obesity and disease states, such as diabetes and heart disease requires “Safety”. The Stay Fit Circuit Program environment is non-intimidating and provides an impression of easy and safe use. Experiencing each of the 14 stations instills a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Strength stations require no personal adjustments for simple entry and exit.
All opposing muscles of the major muscle groups are strengthened.
Individual intensity is simply controlled by speed of movement accommodating all fitness levels for men and women.
Alternating with the strength stations are the mind-movement stations.
Each of these stations are equipped with non-trip, impact absorbing mats for walk or jog-in-place movements.
High definition flat screen TV’s are positioned for easy viewing of information on cognitive skills, healthy lifestyle suggestions, and motivational tips.

An audio command every 60 seconds allows plenty of time for movement and changing stations for 2 circuit cycles in each 30 minute session. The audio source is from the flat screen TV’s at each mind-movement station to make sure that the command can be easily heard at every station. Health improvement is experienced at every session. Every 8 minutes a 10 second heart rate check monitors safe exertion and progress. Each strength machine can be adjusted for additional intensity as a measure of strength improvement. The systematic design of the Stay Fit Circuit Program allows for plenty of social interaction time to visit with old friends and make new friends.